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1831 May 21 M

II Morphoscopics
§. Propositions' Parts three
§. M

Euclid Prop

4 2

6. Now, of the whole aggregate designated by the name of Proposition
Now comes the part above spoken of under that name of
the preparative part or in one the preparation. Manner in which,
according to usage this is executed the following —

Lines — one after another, are directed to be drawn in connection with the
and in connection with the

Customary mode of
giving expression to
these three parts —
1. Enuntiation in
ordinary discussion
conventional discussion
2. Of Added
of this same matter a
designation in form of
a diagram.

For the elucidation of the entire proposition
attached to it is what is called a diagram — a sort of graphical and
imitative sketch, having for its object or say design
purpose or end in view the presenting to the eye of the reader
the impression, and thence planting in his mind the idea
of the state of things the existence of which is asserted in and
by the enuntiative part of the proposition, as also,
the alteration made in it by the preparative part: but
between that same original part and that same adjectitious
part, no indication of any distinction is, on the face
of this same diagram discernible

Lack is the case with regard to every one of these same

The diagram a sort
of graphical imitation
of the form of the surface
or solid spoken of: this
with the addition of the
preparative part of
employed for the purpose
of indicating the
belief which the demonstrative
part is
ultimately employed
in the endeavour to

7 In some instances, that is to say in the instance of
some of these propositions, the means employed so it is — that, for inducing the
belief in question no means are employed other than the
directing the attention of the reader to the considerations
of the relations that have place between the several parts of
the image expressed in and by the enuntiative part with
its diagram

Made, if at all, is
this preparative part
of lines, singly and
successively drawn from
this or that part of the
surface spoken of in the
enuntiative part and
represented by the diagram
in its original state.

8. [In other instances — that is to say] in the instance of
others of these propositions, additions are made to the diagram
— additions, by the making of which, the abovementioned
preparative part is constituted. These additions are made
by the drawing of so many lines: which the diagram accordingly exhibits on the
face of it: and this
without any mark
or token by which
the adjectitious lines
can, any of them, be
distinguished from the
original ones

A conception which on this occasion has presented
itself is — that by whatsoever, if more than one, by the number
of these same adjectitious lines, considerable light may be
thrown upon the whole process enuntiative, demonstrative, and
preparative together, if on the occasion of each such adjectitious line
drawn a fresh diagram be formed and added to the original
diagram (1)

(1) diagram by which expression is given to the enuntiative part.

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