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1831 March 13


Ch.1. Subjectment &c

The differenceMain obstacle the signs applying exclusively to
this branch. As to the appropriate signs necessary as they are to the or 1
To diffusion
main obstacle, signs
applyingbelonging exclusively
to this arti
Witness J.B

application of the useful purposes to which this branch of -science is applicable,
signal is the repulsive force with which they
have the effect construed tendency to repel must be but for
great in extent the effect of repelling young juvenile in from the
study of it. The ness by which this repulsion is produced
is the part of the price paid for the correspondent benefit 1. derived from the
application so much.

In his own instance, it is from his own experience
that the author speaks thus.

Correspondent and proportionable is the case real satisfaction with of which or 2
Correspondent the
satisfaction from
whatever can
be said of it
without them

any portion of discovery having posology with for its subject matter, but clothed in the ordinary form unaccompanied
with unencumbered with that repulsive matter is protective

In regard the Melanges wish of D'Alembert inental or 3
For Example see
D'Alembert 's
Melanges &c

Melanges de Literature et de Philosophie is a
quantity of matter delivered in this state what may be
stiled its pure state clear unclogged withof this incumbrance. Thus it
is believed is the first example extent ever given of the relief thus afforded.
Well does the author of these pages remember the
delight with which of delight it informed will his usual his mind was brightened byin the perusal
of it

In regard to the aligomorphic branch, scarcely have the or 4
As to Aligomorphics
scarcely have
men been
aware of the relation
between its signs
and ordinary discourse

readers in general (as we should see) been aware of the relation
it bears to written discourse in the ordinary form.
Had it is but the representation of that same discourse: the eye
conclude in anotherclothed just a in the same manner as shorthand is,
though clothed in anothera different form because employed principally
for another purpose.

delight, he remembers the renewal that was produced by or 5
J.B.s delight
from D'Alembert,
recount by Beddoes
Davy's master.

the appearance of a little truth Dr Beddoes, master and instructor
of Sir. Humphrey Davy

Dr Beddoes

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