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1831 March 10 M 6


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Somatology or somatics
is the branch
of art and science having
for subjectmatter body
and its properties

Somatology from Greek word two Greek words one of that signifies body is the an appellation
by which that branch of art and science which has for its
subjectmatter body and its properties has been designated: somatology,
or for shortness, somatics

or 6
Psychology, mind
and its properties

Psychology from two Greek words the one of which signifies
mind is the an appellation by which that branch of art and
science which has for its subjectmatter the properties which belong
to or compose constitute mind have been designated

or 7
Long ago some
thinking man found
a convenience in considering
one property
apart from the rest
thus abstracting it.

While occupied in the consideration of all bodies taken together
of all known sorts taken together, thinking men, in times unknown to and
very remote from the present time found a convenience in considering,
using among the properties observable in different bodies bodies, two one which they
perceived to be common to them all: then bestowing consideration of them in
this mode they as it were abstracted them in their and by their imagination abstracted
them from all those other properties

or 8
Thence division of
somatology into
1. abstract, 2. non-
abstract or say concrete.

In this way the art and science designated by the appellation
posology somatology became divided as it were into two branches: to one of them which
the appelation abstracted, to the other the appellation nonabstracted posology

or 9
The Property thus abstracted
being quantity, modifications
of it noted were
1. form (shape or figure)
2. number:
each could be considered
without the

When quantity came to be taken for the subjectmatter of consideration,
it was observed that two distinguishable modes modifications of it were perceptible:
one which might designated and distinguished by the word form or say
shape, or figure, the other by the word number

Not only was quantity capable of being considered

At the time when a body bodies of any sort was taken in were under consideration
was the quantity of it capable of being taken into consideration
without any other of its properties; but when quantity was
under consideration, form was a property capable of being taken into consideration
without number, and or number without form

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