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1831 May 11 M 12

1. Alegomorphics.
§ 4. Formation of Alegomorphics
2. Equivalents — indication of
1. Order of augmentation

2 5

Of the operation stiled multiplication now come various
modes or say modifications, still succeeding one in the order
of encrease or say augmentation or say encrease

1. Squaring.

1. First comes squaring. Of this word term mention is made
for the sake of analogy: though, as applied to Alegomorphics
scarcely is it in use matters: this form of a verb with its participle
is it in uses That which is in use is the noun substantive,
indication of the products of this same operation, namely
the square of meaning that is to say the square of the number multiplied

17 or 5
Where abbreviation is
there equivalence is
But, in posology —
in alegomorphics, —
of abbreviation the
nature, or at least
result is not the
same as in ordinary
discourse. In posology
In posology, the
thing signified is
notion abbreviated, whereas
in ordinary discourse, equivalent

17 or 5 In a word in every case where abbreviation has place
exhibition statement of equivalence has place. For equivalence abbreviation in posology
in general, and in alegomorphics in particular, abbreviation is
not exactly the same operation as in ordinary discourse: at any
rate the result is not the same. In the case of alegomorphics,
it is one and the same quantity that has place in thing one and the same thing signified
the two instances: it is between the signs — between each of the signs
and the other that the equivalence has place: and that equivalence is
compleat: whereas in case of abbreviation, howsoever completely equivalent
to each other may be the two ideas, the expressions — question namely
the expression at length and the expression which is the abridgment
of it no such between the import of these two sets of signs no
such complete equivalence no such identity has place.

18 or 6
Not wherever equivalence
has place, so has abbreviation
Example. Between two three and
two three, and three times two
equivalence has place;
abbreviation, not.

18 or 6 Nor is it true that, whereas equivalence has place
abbreviation has place Example — Between two and two on the other one
part hand and twice two on the other equivalence has place, but no abbreviation
has place

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