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1831 May 17 M

1 Alegomorphics
§ Formation of Alegomorphics
2. Statement of Equivalences


19 or 7
Though no equivalent abbreviation
without some sort of equivalent,
is true; not so,
no equivalent without abbreviation.

19 or 7 Note that on the one hand whereas abbreviation can not have place without
some sort of equivalence without equivalence in manner and degree when spoken
of: yet on the other hand equivalence may have place without any manner or degree
of abbreviation. Such is the case for example between multiplication and squaring.

20 or 8
Sole use of this mention
of equivalencyshewing
that the operation performed
by the statement of their
existence, or say the
indication of them.

20 or 8. Thus far Only for the purpose of the aid to concepts will the mention thus
made of statement of equivalences: namely by shew for the purpose of shewing that
the operation is of a sort, as simple and familiar — in as frequent
use — as that which is performed when two terms are stated as being
synonymous with relation to one another synonymous terms

21 or 9
is not less familiar
simple and familiar
than the operation by
which two terms are
stated as being synonymous

21 or 9
Grand use of
indication of equivalences
indication of equivalence
as between a combination
of known and unknown
quantities, and a
compleatly known
30 or 10
one: this indication
being in many cases
practically useful,
yet at the same time
in appearance so difficult
as, to appear to the uninitiated

21 or 9 The real use, the grand use of a statement of equivalence
is when the equivalence has place between a known quantity
and a known one: an operation, by means of which what was
unknown is made known, and whatever it was that was endeavoured
to be done is actually done. For of those things which are
so surely and in such useless numbers then actually done, many there
are which when announced in this or that way, how correctly
so ever announced, are in appearance not merely difficult, but
impossible to be done.

22 or 10.
Of the relation termed
equivalence indication
is indeed given by
the word equation: but,
so narrow is the application
made of it, that no suspicion
is produced by it,
of the equivalence having
place in these other cases
and that the sole case in
which the word equation
employed is — when the equivalence
is, as it were in disguise.
Just as a person is the same, whether by his costume disguised, or not.

22 or 10 In truth of the same relation of equivalence, indication
is in this case actually given by the customary word equation by which the result
of an the operation by which a thing a quantity unknown is made rendered known is has for so many hundred years been customary
expressed. But so narrow is the application thus made of it,
that no suspicion (as far as appears) has ever yet arise that an equivalence
has place between the several expressed known quantities
and itself when made known by these different poles of expression
as between this same quantity and itself when expressed as
the two different forms of expression, in one of which it was originally
unknown known, and in the other originally unknown but made known
by its being shewn to be the same quantity as that which was
first brought to view in its unknown state: just as any person is
at all times the same person though at one time he being in disguise
is not taken to be the person that he is, at another time, the disguise
being taken off is known to be that which he is.

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