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1832 Apr. 10

Ch. I

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Chap. I. Consideranda.

Entities Things Persons — really-existing and fictitious — things superficial
— signs — associations — means of association — relations — instruments
means media medium — ideas — impressions — principle of
association — bond of association — Three Kingdoms — hidden entities —
perceptible — inferential

It is by means of the sort of mutual relation which has place
between two objects when they are spoken of as being associated with
one another, that the the so indisputably necessary means of communication between man and man
stiled discourse and language are come to effecting of that purpose

When to any two objects or any more than two have been injured
it has happened to present themselves to the mind of a human being
through the media, any of one or more the media medium of communication stiled
surely the five senses and collectively the five senses, and so to continue to
to five (and portion of of two equal length) any or one and the same portion of
time, such the mutual accompaniment, or say state of companionship,
is, at the commencement of any subsequent or say succeeding portion of time apt to as it were reproduce itself
in such sort that by its own being the simple fact of having been brought
as it were into the presence of the mind in question once more, either of these
causes the other to be in that condition as it is itself is in itself: in this state
of things, either each of them because a sign of the other; and without any
impropriety be spoken of as so being, as bearing to the other the sort of
relation which that word is come to indicate possess the property of indication

Means of communication
Means of function

For simplicity of conception, suppose the objects in question
two and no more: Thus supposed, as each of them is — reference with relation to
to the other spoken of under the appellation of a sign, said to serve
the function of — to perform the office of — to serve as — a sign, so,
when the one is by any one of these appellations spoken of, the
other may with equal propriety, relation had to the aforesaid
sign, be spoken of by the appellation of the thing signified

Thus it is — that in this case, each of these objects makes its appearance and presents itself to the mind in these two
characters at the one and the same portion of time serving in the one capacity or in the
other according to the as it is in the two opposite points of same
that it is contemplated or say considered.

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