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B.1. Ch.4

say that it is too expensive when it produces a greater more
evil than good; or when it is possible to obtain the
same good it by means of a less punishment.

In this place a distinc distinction should
be made between the real and the apparent value
of a punishment.

By the real in value, I mean that which
it would be found to have, by one who like the
Legislator is in a condition accurately to trace, and
coolly to estimate it through all its parts, exempt
from the delusions which are seen to govern the uninformed
and unthinking part of mankind: knowing beforehand,
upon general principles what the delinquent will know
afterwards by particular experience.

By the apparent value of a punishment, I
mean that which it appears to a delinquent to have at
any time previous to that in which he comes to
experience it: or to a person under temptation
of becoming a delinquent, previous to the
time, previous to the term which were he
to become so, he would experience it.

The real value of the punishment constitutes the expense.
The apparent value influences the conduct of
individuals. It is The real punishment that is the loss expense
the apparent punishment yields that gives the profit.

The profit of punishments has reference
to the interests of two parties, the public and the
party injured. The expense of the punishment adds to
this number a third interest that of the delinquent.

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