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B.1 Ch. 3.

Chapter 3.
The Ends of Punishment.

Having settled defined what in the course
of the ensuing pages is intended by the word punishment,
we come next to consider what ought to be the ends
of Punishment. For it is by the end that all our
subsequent speculations relating to punishment must be governed. In accordance
with the principle of utility this the general end ought to be the
greatest good of the community in general.

Pain & pleasure are the great springs of
human nature. It here a man perceives or supposes
pain to be the consequence of an act, he is acted upon
in such a manner as tends with a certain force
to withdraw him as it were from the commission of
that act. If the apparent magnitude or rather value(1)
of that pain be greater than the apparent magnitude or
value of the pleasure or good he expects to be the consequence
of the act, he will be absolutely prevented from
performing it. The mischief which would have
ensued from the act if performed will also by that
means be prevented.

The natural effect then and end of
punishment is Prevention: – the preventing of such

(1) I say value: in order to include the circumstances of intensity, proximity
and probability certainty & duration; which magnitude properly speaking, does not. This
may serve to obviate the objections made by Locke (Book 2, Ch. 21)
against the proposition that man is determined by the greater
apparent good.

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