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this respect, particularly when applied to slight offences
and to youthful young offenders. Diligentius enim
si vivit, cui aliquid integri superest. Nemo
dignitati perditæ parcit. Impunitatis genusDiligentius enim vivit, cui aliquid integri superest. Nemo dignitati perditæ parcit. Impunitatis genus est jam non habere pœnæ locum. est jam non habere pœnæ locum.
* * Senec. de Clem. c. XXII

But if all for no of punishments is more that are adverse
to reform none are more so than imprisonment upon its present
footing. † See the Ch. Imprisonment

VIII Efficacy with respect to Disablement

This is a property that may by given in various
perfection to a modes of punishment but may be attained in perfection: though
of it is of it is that the scarcely ever but by the sacrifice
property is apt in general to run counter to that of
frugality; there being in few cases any
certain way of disabling a man from doing mischief,
without, at the same time, disabling him, in a
great measure, from doing good, either to himself
or to others. Imprisonment while it lasts suspends
suspends the power of doing mischief: by mutilation
it may reduces it & for a perpetuity be reduced still lower:
death puts an end to it altogether.

In some extraordinary cases death may be the only punishment
by which the power of doing mischief can be
completely put an end to: as for example in
the case of civil wars, when the life of the wh mere existence of the
chief head of a party may be sufficient to keep a whole nation
in a flame; be death but even when in this case where
the criminality may be of so questionable a nature,
death may seem an infliction to savour rather more of vengeance than of punishment.

There are cases Other cases there are in which disablement may be
produced without any expence of pecu in the way
of punishment. If it for example the offence consists in an an abuse of
power or in a breach of trust – the purpose may be composed
by depriving the offender of the power the guardianship the
trusteeship of which that he has abused. This is a remedy
not less in the power of the State of than of the domestic

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