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B.1. Ch.7.

Subject to these observations, analogy in punishment
e is calm is is calculated to produce the
most salutary effects. If be teachers us to seek
after and employ the most frugal and most
efficacious mode of punishment. I cannot
deny myself the pleasure of mentioning an
example lately communicated to me by an
English Sea-Captain, who certainly had not made a
studied Mr Bentham's principles, but
who was well acquainted with the springs of human

Upon their arrival in Port it is usual
to allow parties of the Sailors this called liberty leave permission to go on shore for
a limited time, seldom exceeding twenty four
hours: if hey exceeding for staying remaining beyond their time, the ordinary
punishment is whipping flogging. The of this
punishment is the puni principle most frequent cause of
desertion. P Many Captains, to avoid be
prevent both the temporary absentation and the
desertion, adopt the effectual, but very virgorous
measure of absolutely all to their Sailors refusing to the men under their command all permission
to go on shore, even after they have
been several years at sea. The Captain of whom
I am speaking has succeeded in combining this
pleasure of the permission gratifying permission indulgence
with security to the interest of the service. This he has
accomplished by a slight change merely in the mode
of punishment. Every man who remains on
shore beyond the prescribed period, loses his
title to b all subsequent permission in proportion
to the extent of his offence. L If he remains
on shore
exceeds his time more than twent twenty
four hours, he loses one turn; if more than forty
eight, two; & so on. The experiment had been
attended with perfect success; the offence was
not more freque common after the mitigation of
the punishment, and as to as desertion it had altogether

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