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B.2. Ch.2

First Section
Of the Deformation or Punishments which alter the Exterior of the Person

It was an ingenious idea in the
first legislator who invented those external & permanently visible punishments;
which are so to speak external and yet for a long time
visible – of Punishments, which without destroying
any organ; without mutilation which produce no mutilation, which are often without
physical pain, or at least without any other
pain than what is absolutely necessary for
the operation, which affecting only the appearance
of the person and rendering their appearance lsss
agreeable which are so to speak external & derive their principal value from
being signs of the offence.

Punishments which are inflicted without
destroying any organ, without
mutilation, often without physical
pain, in all cases without any
other pain that what is absolutely
necessary; which affect
only the appearance of the
criminal and render that
appearance less agreeable
which would not be punishments
if they were not
the sign indications of
his crimes.

The visible qualities of an object are
its colour & figure: there are therefore two methods
of altering them: 1. discoloration 2. disfiguration.

1. Discoloration may be temporary or permanent –
when temporary it may be produced by
vegetable or mineral dyes. I am un not acquainted
with any instance of its use as a punishment,
it has always appeared to me that it might
be very usefully employed as a prevention
to hinder the escape of certain offenders whilst
they are undergoing other punishments.

Permanent discoloration might
be produced by tatooing – the only method at
present in use is burning branding(1)

(1) Scarification & corrosion might be employed for
the same purpose. The first is attended with this
inconvenience, the form which the cicatrix shall will take
cannot be determined beforehand it may have none, or an accidental incision
may leave a similar one. Corrosion by chymical caustics
may not be liable to the same inconvenience, but its
effects have not been tried.

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