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It is apt to meet with indulgence furthermore regarded with the same sort of indulgence
sanction for the same reason that adultery does
or the sanctioning
as the enticing a servant which
if it were not for the rational qualities of the possessed
subject this species of property in question would have
regarded in the light of thefts. nothing to distinguish it from other the ordinary case of that. But a servant
be not seduced without his own against his
own consent which constitutes an essential the destruction
between this two species of offence a person really & other species of the ordinary kind of theft.
In the instance of dogs however, a person really
innocent is exposed to have this species of imputation
fastened upon him the dog being a creature
susceptible of volition & of strong social affections,
the society from which guilt is inferred may have been of the dog's seeking and
not of the man's.

The same disregard to the above circumstances
pervades the whole of the criminal code of Russia.
In the reigns that preceded those of Che Catherine
II neither san sex nor rank to was an as
both sexes and all the ranks were alike exposed
to the punishment of the shipping & the . It
is very well known that Peter I caused women even so of
the highest ranks to be whipped like in the same manner as children.
The Manners of the country have however gradually become
more refined & the above ignorance the successors of Peter have learnt to have more respect
to the higher classes of society. The laws themselves
still set an unaltered no alteration has been
The laws indeed are still the same, but they are administered
made in the laws themselves, but there has been an an alteration with less severity.
has been made to the mode of administering them.

In Poland the same barbarous system prevailed.
In that country it was by the punishment of it was no uncommon occurrence
the ladies attendant is be no means a for the of of to receive
rare occurrence to punish by the hands of the provided by the principal female attendants of the
nobility to be punished by the hands of the
major domo, in the presence of the assembled family
the female attendants of their princesses. In the
Houses of the nobles, the prin gentlemen who were
reduced by poverty to a state of servitude, were
punished by being beaten with sticks. From this
some conception may be formed of the barbarity with

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