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<hi rend="underline">Examination of complex afflictive Punishments
In convenience of complex Punishment

Simple afflictive punishments are easy enough
to state & intimate; because their penal consequences
are all of one kind and are seen
to take place immediately upon the
application of the instrument. All others
are much more difficult because their penal
consequences are more various and of various
degrees of uncertainty & remoteness. Simple
afflictive punishments produce pain pretty
much alike in all persons: in every person
same. All The Other modes of punishment are
d defective in respect of certainty. The more
the consequences of any species of punishment
the less likely it is to operate upon
those who neither calculate nor reflect.

In the case of complex punishments it cannot
we must give up altogether the idea of numbering
& summing up that which of
of the different kinds & lots of pain or other evil
which those several kinds of punishment will
in any given instance to produce. We
cannot ever hope to draw a circle round them
than that vague and one
which includes all kinds of evil whatsoever.
Now this is the effect of every one
in a d great degree di the distinction
between the effects of that & those of another
so that taking into consideration the penal
effects produced by any one of them we cannot
are not able to say but that this one effect
might be produced by any other. The utmost
we can say is that of those effects there are
some, which such or such a punishment is
certain to produce while such another punishment

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