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B.II Ch.3*
Imprisonment, its 3 purposes

Ch.IV. Imprisonment

Imprisonment makes a much more extensive
figure than any other kind of hardship that
can be inflicted in the way of punishment. Every
other kind of hardship (death alone excepted) may
be inflicted for two purposes – Punishment &
compulsion – this, besides those two may be
employed for another – safe custody. When thus employed
merely for safe-custody it is not a
punishment properly so called. Who the object of It is intended only
it is to ensure, at any given time, the forthcomingness
of an individual suspected of the
having come committed some offence; and on account of the
having of committed which it is apprehended
that he may endeavour to escape from the that he
punishment may be present to undergo the punishment awarded
pain that him to him if found guilty of such offence.

Imprisonment merely to secure the forthcoming
of the offender at an given time ought not
to be more severe than is ab necessary to ensure
his safe-custody: whatever exceeds this, is so
much pure uncompensated misery created in vain without any object.

When Imprisonment if intended for punishment
it ought to be may be more or less severe according
to the quality of the offence and the condition of
the offender. Hard labour is the sort of discipline
that will for this purpose be found of the most
general & most useful application: but even
this cannot be employed without many exceptions
& never without regard to age, rank, sex and
physical strength. The addition Other punishments
that may be employed in addition to hard labour and
of which we shall have occasion to speak in the next
chapter are diet solitude & darkness.

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