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The mere circumstance of being confined to a one place does
not of itself impart any inconvenience. It is being confined to a
place against his will that makes the inconvenience.

By the fundamental constitution of his nature, without
any thing being done by any one to produce
a the change in his situation, man if left to
himself, in the state in which he stands debarred
from exercising the faculty of loco-motion, will
in a short time become a prey to various evils,
to the action of various causes producing various
organical pains which sooner or later are seen
to end ultimately in death. Imprisonment then
if of sufficient duration & if the means of scene the scene
of it be a place where the means of warding off
those evils are are in not naturally to be found necessarily
imparts imparts death. Now the scene of imprisonment
as is well known, never is a place in which
the means of sustenance, in other words the means
of repelling those evils that result from a want
of sustenance, do are is naturally to be found. Imprisonment
then considered in itself & without any additional
circumstance imparts death. How then is this
consistent with the observation just made
that considered in itself it imparts no evil
at all? How are these seemingly contradictory
observations reconcileable? By the addition of
the simple circumstance of duration. The
causes which produce the evils in question require
a certain time to operate. Shut a man up in a
prison for a or minute he suffers nothing,
in a day he feels several inconveniences, in a
week perhaps he dies.

If imprisonment then, being continued for a
certain length of time, is prevented from terminating
in death, it is by means of some special care
that is taken to furnish the prisoner with the means
of warding off those Evils. In proportion to the degree
in which he is supplied with the means of warding

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