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Imprisonment examined.

impressions he is open to is still farther reduced
by the striking off of all those which even the
few objects in question are calculated to produce
on the sense of sight. The mind of the patient
is by this means rendered one reduced as it were a to a gloomy void leaving him destitute of all support but from his own internal resources, and producing the most lively strongest impression of his own weakness. This
In this void the punishment of Hard Diet comes
and implants the uneasiness of debility and the
slow but incessant and corroding pain of Hunger,
while the debility that attends the first stages of
it (for the phrenzy that is apt to accompany the last stage
is always guarded against) takes the banishes any propensity
which the patient might have left to by
such few means of activity as he [can never be is left undeprived of
totally deprived of by any external application]
to furnish himself with any of the few impressions
he is still open to receive. Meantime That pain & this debility
however irksome are by no means so acute
as to occupy his mind entirely, and
prevent altogether its wandering in search of any
other ideas. On the contrary he will be forcibly sollicited
to the pay attention to any ideas it which in that
extreme vacancy of employment are disposed to present themselves
to his view reflection. Among the foremast of these, as being
the most nearly related to that of his present suffering
will be the idea of that obnoxious passage in his conduct

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