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The considerations derived
from the Religious Sanction are the Sufferings
apprehended from the immediate will of the Deity -
in some degree perhaps in the present but
chiefly in a future life.— His displeasure
is under the Christian Religion and particularly
the Protestant invariably believed to be annexed
with few or no exceptions to all those malpractices
which bring men into Prisons.—
The considerations therefore which that Sanction
affords are to be numbered among the considerations
which tend to restrain men from committing
crimes.— Now the force of this sanction acting in
opposition to that of the local moral Sanction
which is generated and governs in a prison will
naturally have the whole force of this latter exerted
against it to overthrow it.- Not that a Prison
is the region of acute and scrupulous Philosophy
The arguments there made use of will be
adressed to the Passions rather than the Judgement-
The Being of a God, The authenticity of Revelation
will not be combatted by reason - The force of this

the account before it can with propriety be
turned virtuous or vicious simply and without
addition - the same Conduct which is pernicious &
on that account is wrought to be disreputable in Society
at large is beneficial to and on that account held in
honour by a smaller society included within the
former.- The member of Parliament who solicits us
defends for his Borough a privelege detrimental
to the nation is called a patriot in his Borough - The
Man who devised the oath by which the Candidates for
degrees were made to engage not to propagate elsewhere
than at Oxford & Cambridge the ends of what was thought
useful bearing; was probably thought a man of great
shout in those Universities —

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