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Imprisonment exad

in wait for a booty – for his intrepidity though
manifested in attacking the dwelling of a peaceable
housekeeper or in defending himself against the
ministers officers of justice – for his activity though employed
in seizing the incautious traveller – for
his ingenuity though displayed in working upon
the feelings of some deluded compassionate benefactor –
for his fidelity though employed in screening his
associates in some enterprize of mischief from
the pursuit of the injured. These are the qualifications
that stand highest in such an abode: it is
this that is acquired satisfied cultivated & gratified the thirst for sympathy
& applause to which no man, in whatever
situation he may be placed, is ever insensible.

The Thus it appears that the sort of probity which would be held
in the
among the persons of the description in question
would be held in the highest reputation, are is not
of that species which is most beneficial to the society.
public at large A man may practise with the
most scrupulous strictness for the benefit of the
society on which he immediately depends while
in respect of those with whom he is less connected
in point of interest he violates it openly and
without regret. The Arabs who lives by plunder
are remarkable for the integrity of their dealing with
their own tribe.*


Probity Honesty among prayer ra thieves, not only in the world societies that as have
been considering live in other socel societies, consisting of the higher ranks
and composed of men who enjoy and ascribe to themselves and enjoy the
highest reputation for orality, how many examples of probi honesty of
this description are there to be met with. The influence of a man's conduct on
the whole race of human (I would say of sensitive) beings must be taken into
the account before we can with propriety be termed virtuous or vicious
simply and without addition. The same conduct which is pernicious
& on that account is or ought to be disreputable in the society at large
is on others beneficial to and on that account held in honour by a
smaller society included under the former. The Member of Parliament
who solicits or defends for his Borough a privilege detrimental to the

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