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Imprisonment exa'd

But to suppose that men consist only of two classes –
the good & the bad – is a vulgar prejudice. but
The crime which subjects a man to the lash of the
law may leave him possessed of a thousand good
qualities and more especially of sympathy for
the misfortunes of others. This is proved by Experience
will convince us of this: even vice itself may
be calumniated.

The considerations derived from the moral sanction
is the ope are founded on the opinion that with
reference to any particular act may be supposed to
be entertained by the public at large such persons
with whom the person in question may happen to
be in society. So long as a man lives in the
society of persons at large though his reputation were
the object of general suspicion, he would still be
under a certain degree of restraint in order to avoid
the confirming those suspicions that are already
so generally entertained. In a person however no
such pul public ex exists. That which composes
the ordinary population of a person is activated governed
by motives & principles altogether adverse to
those of the rest of mankind. The habits and
practises which were odious there, because they
were mischievous there, not being mischievous
are not odious here. Plunder is not odious to men
who have nothing to lose, & who consider regard it
as a means of subsistence. To the virtue of probity
it is a in vain for any of them to make pretensions;
they agree therefore by a kind of tacit convention to
depretiate its value. The virtues of patience intrepidity
activity ingenuity fidelity which are beneficial
or mischievous according as they are made subservient
to the promotion of vice or of virtue are magnitude magnified to
the prejudice of prob the virtue of probity. Thus
a man is applauded for his patience exerted in lying

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