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B.II Ch 7

General Imprisonment Schemes of Punishment proposed

seconded by such an institution.

Whatever therefore is found upon the person or in the possession of any one
who by virtue of a charge upon oath is apprehended for a Felony, or in
his possession
should be impounded in the hands
of the officer. If it As much of it as consists in money or other
articles that include a considerable value in a small
little room compass should be sealed up with the Seal of
the Magistrate: who should bear leave have it in his option
to keep it in his own custody, or commit it
to that of the ministerial officer, giving in either
case a receipt to the party apprehended. suspected felon.

An objection to imprisonment, when the entertainment
all are upon an equal footing with
respect to entertainment is that the punishment
is apt to be disproportionate. The rich are punished more
than the poor: On the other hand to one that is or in other words I mean those
those who have been accustomed to good living more than
those who have been accustomed to hard living.
On the other hand, those to allow those who are committed
for crimes of rapacity to give in to any expence
while any part of the booty they may
have made remains unrestored, is to allow them
to enjoy the the profit of their crimes; to give the criminal
an indulgence if at the expense of those whom
he has injured. This makes f a distinction between the

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