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B.II. Ch.7.

General Imprisonment Scheme &c

treatment which is proper to be given to be given on the behalf to crimes of rapacity in the case when
the profit of the crime has been reaped, and that
which is proper to be given to other crimes. The

Here then arises a difference in the treatment that is treatment
proper to be given in this behalf respect to different crimes.
Persons committed for crimes of rapacity, should in
the case where the proleast fit of the crime has been
reaped be debarred until complete restitution shall have been made of the liberty of procuring themselves
those extra-indulgences that are to be had
for money. Persons committed for any other crimes
may be allowed it.

With respect to restitution a further caution is to
be observed. It will happen very frequently that
a person apprehended for one offence has been guilty
of many others. For this reason it is not the restitution
of the booty gained by the first offence for which
the malefactor is apprehended that ought to be
deemed sufficient to entitle him to the liberty
of purchasing indulgences. A time ought to be given limited
(suppose a month or six weeks) and notice given
for any persons who within a certain time (suppose a twelve year) have been sufferers by him
are to come in and oppose the allowance of that such
liberty. Very light proof in such case ought to
be held sufficient. As such For example, we shall that the party has
lost such and such goods, and that he suspects the


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