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B2. Ch.8 Examination of Territorial Confinement

Quasi-Imprisonment examined.

Territorial Confinement
Neither Quasi-Imprisonment Territorial Confinement nor Relegation nor and Banishment
are none of them any more than Simple
Imprisonment convertible to Profit.

In point of Frugality it seems as if they these several punishments were
all of them more eligible than Imprisonment meaning at least than the system of imprisonment as at present managed: and that Quasi-Imprisonment
and Ban Relegation are more so frugal than
Imprison Banishment.

Under Imprisonment a man must at all events
be maintained. Simple Imprisonment adds nothing to the facility which any man has of maintaining himself by his labour. It takes from that facility in many. By By Imprisonment some people will
always be altogether debarred from maintaining themselves.
These must be maintained at the expence of the
public. An imprisoned man therefore is at an average
a burthen. His value to the state is negative. A man at liberty is on an average
a profit. His value to the state is positive. For Each man at an average must produce
more than he consumes: else there could be no common
stock. A banished man is neither a burthen nor
a profit. His value to the state is a 0 Zero. It
is greater therefore than that of an imprisoned man.

The value of a man under Quasi-Imprisonment
and Relegation may it should seem be taken as
equivalent or not in any assignable degree less
than that of a man at large. In the only instances
in which they these modes of punishment recur in England, the sufferers instead
of receiving any thing from the public, pay[a]


[a] I am speaking of the Rules in the six Jails in England

that have Rules. The Public is not at the expence of finding</p> lodging. The Houses are the property of private Individuals</p> who</p>

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