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Imprisonment exad

other histories, not by refined speculations concerning
the competency of evidence. These will not
be found those Hobbists Spinosas
or dogmatical possessors of incredulity. There will
not be met with then any of the followers of
Boulanger Ragh or Fréret. But the arguments
employed being adapted to the capacity of the audience
will have the greater effect: sly and artful
buffooneries will operate as the most persuasive
logic upon such minds: a satire upon the
Ministers of religion will be a complete refutation
of christianity itself: & the scoffer who asserts
that the intimation as have of futive punishment
are such as none but cowards would believe
touches upon a fibre peculiarly irritable among
the class of men he has to deal with.

III. The third and last of the ways in which the association
of malefactors in prisons contributes to corrupt
them is by encreasing their skill & by that means
their power of carrying their mischievous propensities
whatever they may be into practise.

Their conversation, as has been already observed,
guided by their own vanity and the interest of
their creditors, will naturally turn upon the
criminal exploits of which they have been guilty.
Each malefactor will be guiding naturally be desirous of entertaining his companions a detail of the
several feats of ingenuity which in the course of
his exploits the occasion led him to practise.
It is them that are taught all the secrets of the
act the necessary preparations the modes of
disguise and of escape and all the stratagems
of this anti social warfare. If persons in
general are amused by their nati narratives
how much more attractive and interesting must
they prove to those whom conscience is solaced by

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