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B.2. Ch.9.

Employments which are not lucrative
may be of an agreeable nature; their variety is
infinite: but there is one point in which they
all agree, and which will side render it unnecessary
to submit them to a detailed discussion. There are
none of them or at least scarcely one which by its
deprivation furnishes a sufficient portion of evil
to enable us to rely upon its effect.

As respects pleasures the mind of
man possesses a happy flexibility – One source of
amusement being cut off – It endeavours to open up another
and always succeeds. A new habit is
easily formed; The taste adapts itself to new
habits, and suits itself to a great variety of
situations. T his ductility of mind, this aptitude
to accommodate itself to circumstances as they change
varies much in different individuals – but and it
is impossible beforehand to judge, or even to guess
how long an old habit will retain its empire dominion
so that its privation shall continue a real punishment.

This is not the only objection –
Restrictive laws are very difficult of execution.
They always require a subsidiary punishment of
which the effect is uncertain. If you prohibit
an individual to gamble, to draw, to drink from gaming, drawingdrunkenness,
wines dancing & music – It becomes necessary to appoint
an Inspector for all these things in all places
to see that your prohibition is observed. In
a word Punishments of this kind are subject
to this dilemma: either the attachment to the
object prohibited is very weak or very strong

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