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Punishment Imprisonments exad

The considerations derived from the Religious Sanction
are the sufferings apprehended from the immediate
will of the Deity partly either in the present partly in
or in a future life or in both. This def displeasure
whatever errors men may have fallen into with
respect to some of the practises to which the many
have supposed it to be applied, is under the
Christian Religion & particularly under the Protestant
invariably supposed to be believed to be annexed to all
those malepractises which bring men into Prisons.
The considerations therefore which that sanction
affords are to be numbered among the considerations
that such ted to restrain a men from the commission
of crimes and being & where the fact is
supposed by the per perpetrator to be so secret as
not to be in any danger of being discovered by the
eyes of man, it possesses a property properties of
which the other two sanctions are altogether destitute.
Among the greater number of criminals and
particularly in the instance of the raw and inexperienced
the impressions of religion are rather
forgotten than effaced, but it of these impressions
originally so sha slight and easily obliterated
what will be the fate in a person when the whole
force of the society is directed against the religious
belief in religion. It is not meant that in
such a theatre the credibility if revealed will
be controverted by objections devoid from the tenor

Note continued

the nation is called a patriot in his Borough. We have seen formerly two
learned universities exacted from mission upon their candidates for degrees an oath from
engaging not to disseminate elsewhere that at their universities the seeds
of what they thought useful learning: what was the object of this
measure: to secure to themselves the monopoly of teaching the sciences
and the man who devised this oath was probably thought a man
of great merit by his colleagues.

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