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Simply restrictive
Presence banishment

In the domestic plan of government this mode
of punishment is employed applicable with peculiar advantage:
every species of sort of amusement or source means
of pleasure may be employed a source as a reward
by the
as a source of reward by the allowed it
allowing the use of it, or of punishment by the prohibiting
the use of it.

But though this sort species of punishment
cannot alone when alone be employed with advantage,
when added to another punishment there are
various cases in which it may be employed with
conveniently be employed. It may be stand recommended
bu analogy. As for example if the offence consists
in a place of public amusement, let the
offender during a given period be prohibited
from frequenting those places.

Among the punishments of this class there is one
of which but few examples are to be met with
& which does not received appear to have received
any name: it have called denominated it Presence Banishment.
In this case an the an obligation is imposed upon the
offender of retiring from every place in which the
person offended is present. The mere presence
of the one is a signal to the other to disappear.
If Silius, the party injured, enters a ball room
a place of public diversion or a public walk
Titius is enjoined instantly to make his retreat.
This punishment appears admirably well
calculated for for the case of personal inj insults
or offences against the reputation; or in as a
word for all offences which to the ender the
personal presence the offender an object of
disgust or mortification to the party injured.

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