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Simply restrictive
Pecuni banishment

Nor is this all. Restrictive Punishments of
the description question it would be found extremely
difficult to carry into execution
in the execution
of them will be attended with extremely difficulty.
To ensure the effect of the principal punishment
it will be necessary to support it by a subsidiary
one. Restrain Prohibit a man from the one of gaming
drawing, or the use of wine and it
becomes necessary to insure the
in order to
insure the observance of the instruction it becomes
necessary to employ a person to watch the
keep a perpetual watch over the delinquent
& in case of his infraction. In a word punishment
of this description
in the case of punishments
of this description this dilemma occurrs: the
temptation to exercise the prohibited pursuit will
be either strong or weak: if weak strong the
prohibition will be evaded: if weak the object
aimed at is not attached. In respect of cr

⊞ In respect of exemplarity
they are equally
defective: the prim privations
they occasion are
not of a nature to be
generally known or
if known to produce
a strong effect upon the
imagination: the misery
they produce rankles
in the mind of the
patient but from the
public eye is completely

These are some of the circumstances that
have reduced to so mo narrow a compass the
employment of punishments of the description of
those in question. They are too uncertain in that
in their operation and too easily eluded, to
render them of any use as a sanction for a
general law. It is true that when the
cand situation of the Judge of suc is such, as which
in this country it never is, as would enable
him to be obtain an intimate acquaint
acquaintance with the habits and condition
of life in life of the delinquent this mode of punishment
is might in certain classes of cases be employed
with advantage. But

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