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Laborous Punishment

Ch. X
Active or laborious Punishment.

Active punishment is that which is inflicted on
a man by obliging or compelling him to act in this or that
particular way: to exert this or that particular
species of action.

Of there are two kinds of means by which a man
may be compelled to act, th physical and moral
the onlyfive one applyies itself to his body the other
to his mind, to his faculty of volition & instances in which the
physical means are capable of being employed an to
fear and so unprofitable both to the patient and
to other as not to be worth taking into the account.

The only instrument that is of a nature
to act immediately upon the volition is an
idea of pleasure or plea about to come from
it no performing or not performing the
particular act: it being necessary, in one ti ensure the to production
of the desired effect, that the plea apparent pleasure
pain contemplated from the non performance
of the act should be greater than that what would be
occasioned by the performance of it.

It is manifest therefore that
Punishment of the laborious kind is appointed
another Punishment must necessarily happen to
with it. There are therefore in theory such
case two two different punishments at least
necessarily concerned. One which is the only the
directly and intended the laborious
punishment itself: this may be stiled the principal
or proper punishment: the other which
in case of the former's are being submitted to is
called into the assistance: this I will stile may
be stiled the subsidary punishment.

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