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Pecuniary Forfeitures

Of these four expedients, the first and second
are commonly go together, and are put in practice by other indiscriminately
at one and the same operation. The
officer to whom the business is entrusted if he finds
money enough, takes money: if not he appl takes other
effects to fill make up the deficiency. The first then
may be regarded in future be consider'd as included under the second.

In England, both the second and the
third have both of them been in practise for time
immemorial: not indiscriminately however, but
according to the name that has been given to
the punishment by which the money has been exacted.
When [it] this punishment has been called a Fine, the
third method has been exclusively employ'd: when
it has been called Damages, the third other that the &c the second and
third have been employ'd together, not indeed in
their full force but under certain restrictions too
particular to be here insisted on.

The fourth is comparatively of very late invention. It
was first applied to Traders by one of the Bankrupt
Laws, c. §. ao 16and has since been extended by the occasional Insolvent Acts[a] [a] The first of these in point of time is ao 1... The first in which a clause for this purpose is inserted is ..... to persons
at large where the obligation they are under to
pay money bears the name of debt. Such is
the case in many instances where that obligation
is imposed in a view to punishment.

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