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Pecuniary Forfeitures

5. In respect of frugality Pecuniary punishment, especially when the relative quantum
of it is great, is liable to a disadvantage which is referable
to the head of infrugality: advantage a disadvantage
balances in some degree tells in some sort against the advantage which
it has of being convertible to Profit. All Along with
the delinquent, others other parties who are innocent are exposed to suffer: to
wit, whatever persons were comprized under within within the circle
of his dependents. This suffering is not the mere
pain of sympathy grounded on the observation of his
suffering: if it were, there would be no reason for making mention
of it as belonging in a more especial particular manner to
the present mode of punishment than to any other. It is an original
pain, produced by a consciousness of the loss which
they themselves incurr are likely to incurr by the impoverishment of their
principal. This evil again is not a mere negative
evil; the evil which consists in the not being
to have the comforts which had it not been for [the]
his impoverishment of their principal they would have
had. If it were it would not there would be no
more reason for taking it into the account on this occasion than the
pain of sympathy: It For, whatever it be, it is
balanced and that exactly by the pleasure that goes
to those persons, whosoever they be, to whose profit
the money is applied. The pleasure resulting from the
use of that money is neither diminished nor encreased by
the operation: it only changes hands. The pain then that
is peculiar to this occasion species of punishment is neither more nor less than
the pain of disappointment: [a pain which they only would feel
because by them only were expectations accustomed wont to be entertained]
produced occasioned

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