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Pecuniary Forfeiture

produced by the destruction of the expectations which the
parties in question had been accustomed to entertain of
continuing to ex participate in the fortune fortune of their principal
in a measure proportioned to that in which
they had been accustomed to partake of it participate in it.

Upon the supposition then the loss of the same proportion
of their respective capitals will in different
persons produce the same quantity of pain.
Two men's fortunes being given, one may therefore make
sure as far as the above supposition holds good, of producing
the same quantity of pain in the one of
them as in the other. It is by taking from each
not the same sum; but the same part, that is
the same proportion, of his capital. Of two delinquents
one possesses is worth a hundred pound, the other a thousand.
In point of To produce in these two persons the same quantity
of pain, [it is requisite] the way is [not] to take from both
each of them – what? not the same sum, (suppose it £10,) but £10 from
the 1st and a hundred from the other.

In point of variability it is evident nothing can
excell this mode of punishment, as far as it extends.
It occupies extends down the lowest part of the scale:
and it is capable of existing in a lower degree than
any other corporal Punishment, inasmuch as it stands uncomplicated with any pure from every

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