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excitions he will acquire no other motive than his
own interest to for apart for them a portion of their
earnings. He is at once Judge, Supervisor, Head
of a manufactory & of a family: and he has the
most spec operative of f all motives for inducing
him faithfully to discharge these several duties.

3. Responsibility of the Manager. He is bound to
misuse the lives of his patients. According to the
average number of deaths that may be expected
to take place among persons of that age & of that
description give the contractor a fixed sum for each, but
at the end of the year upon these terms, at the
end of the year make him payin the inspection per head same for
pay for every man that has actually died or escaped within
that that time. He is thus made to inure the
lives and the safe-custody of his Prisoners: by
making him the insure their lives ensure
to them the enjoyment of a multitude of comforts
upon which may depend their health& well being.

Publicity is the most effectual mode of preventing
abuses: prisons under the present system are
concea concealed under an almost impenetrable veil
the Panopticon is in a manner transparent. It
would be accessible at all hours to all Magistrates:
it would to the public it would also be open on
certain days and at certain hours. The spectation
placed in the Inspectors Lodge would command at
once the whole of the interior of the prison: to many
witnesses therefore and so many judges of the
management and the State of the Prisoners.

In France I have meet met with prisons
who, boasting of extreme pretending to extreme
sensub sensibility have regarded as an objection what in Mr
Benthams plan constitutes its distinguished merit

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