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is not visible & there is no suffering wasted. The greater
proportion of the prisoners withdrawn from a state of want
& misery are placed transferred to a state of comparative
happiness: and which the compulsory labour
exempts them from listlessness - the bane of the presen
existing System of imprisonment.

Second object - Reformation.

Idles Idleness - intemperance - vicious connection's-
and. Are the three grand courses of corruption among
the lower classespoor. When these habits have become to
such a degree inveterate as to the counterbalance the
force of the tutelage motives, and then to to lead to
the commission of crimes, no hope can be entertained
of correcting but then but by bringing about the desired
reformation but by a steady system new course of education-
an education that shall place the patient in a
situation in which he will find it impossible to
gratify his vicious propensities, & where every thingsurrounding object
will tends to give birth to ha habits & melioration of
a nature altogether opposite. The most powerful instrument
of success is perpetual vigilancesuperintendance delinquents
are a peculiar race of beings that require
unremitted inspection. Their failing is thefaults arise from yielding to
any temptation that may happen to present itself:the seductions of passing moments:
they may be regarded as beings of weak & disordered
unders minds whose disease is neither so well
marked nor so incurable as that of idiots & lunatics:
but like these they require to be kept in a state of subjectionunder restraints & they
cannot without danger be left to themselves.

By means of this system of unremitted inspection
which is the very essence of the plan, the Penitentiary
House I am describing will comprize whatever tends to all the circumstances
calculated to eradic for eradicateing vice &
rereproducing virtue.

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