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B.2. Ch.12

with characters open to suspicion, and
many times, perhaps, in the first transports
of joy for recovered liberty as little qualified to
use it with discretion as the slaves who have
broken their fetters. By these considerations
the author was led to the idea of an auxiliary
establishment, into which the discharged
prisoners might be admitted when they leave
the Panopticon and be allowed to continue
for a longer or shorter period according to
the nature of their crimes, and their previous
conduct. The details of the plan would be
foreign to the present subject. It must suffice
to say, that in this privileged asylum they would have
different degrees of liberty, the choice of their
occupations, the entire profit of their labour
with fixed and moderate charges for their board
and lodging and the right of going and returning
on leaving a certain sum as a security; they
would wear no prisoner's uniform, no humiliating
badge. The greater number in the first moment
of their embarrassment whilst they have no
certain object in view would themselves
choose a retreat so suitable to their situation.
This transient sojourn, this noviciate would serves
to conduct them by degrees to their entire
liberty, it would be an intermediate state between
captivity and independence and afford a proof
of the sincerity of their amendment. It would afford a
just precaution against individuals in whom an immediate and
absolute confidence could not be reposed without danger.

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