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1. Labour. I admit that constraint so far from
inspiring a taste for it, may augment the aversion however
felt for it. It is however to be recollected that in this
case labour is the only recourse against indolence, that
being forced upon all, it is encouraged by the
example and rendered less painful from being constantly
carried on in the society of the same persons:
it is moreover sweetened by immediate reward, by being
encouraged with a fourth of the pain which distinguishes
it from servitude, & infuses the character of
master workman into that labourer. Those who before
were destitute of all mechanical skill will acquire
new faculties & new sources of of honest enjoyment,
& when their terms are expired they will find themselves
in possession of more profitable talents than
those consisting in raper fraud and plunder.

2. Temperance. We have already has occasion to shew
that all the main cause of the disorders in Botany Bay originate in or
are perpetuated by the passion for spiritual liquors, &
that there is no practicable means of suppressing
the use of them. It Upon this plan the evil is stopped in its origin: not
a drop of this poison can be smuggled in: transgressions
are impracticable. It is a principle inherent in mans nature
to yield to necessity. By difficulties his passions
are inflamed: but my absolute impossibility openly
extinguishes those that are the mere result of habit.
The rule is too in the highest degree humane as it
prevents not the offence & the punishment but even
the inclination to violate it.

3. Separation into classes. It is under the Panopticon Plan
alone that admits of the Prisoners being divided into
classes and, separated divided in such a manner as to separate
those whose vicious propensities are the most contagious.
Such associations can scarcel scarcely fail to produce

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