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B6.Ch.4 Sec 3 Punishment - whether defeasible by Death.

From p.8 at bottom The Death of the party injured is another event II. by the death
of the party damnified

upon which the obligation to make of making amends has is
very commonly made to cease: but with fullas little
reason, it should seem, as in the former case.
The punishment is by this means render'd defeasible Death of the party in question is
upon a contingency which does not at all
lessen the demandnecessity there is for punishment. The demand for For compensation
indeed the demand is not altogether so strong in this case
as in the former: for the expectation of the apparenteventual
representative The [principal] person who was the immediate object of the injury entertained
a prospect of a present compensation reaping in present the
whole profit of a compensation he expected to be madeadjudged
to him: his representative the dependent did not during the life
time of the principal
entertain so full fixed a prospect: He however
entertained a full prospect of a some compensation to
be made to his principalAncestor; and he entertained a prospect
of a part at least of that compensation it devolving
upon himself upon subject to [the <add>for in domain of the principal before him &.</del></add>] the contingencies to which his
general expectations from the principal Ancestor were subject exposed. This
expectation is more than any body one else was in a situation
to entertain: so that there is more a better reason why
he should reap the profit of the punishment than why
any one else should.

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