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Punishment - whether defeasible by Death.

From p. 6 The Law of England in this head are is full of absurdity
Imperfection of the
English Law in
this behalf
and caprice. The following are the instances cases
in which a man is permitted [the Heir is permitted
to enrich himself by the wrong doing of
thehis Ancestor] a man is permitted to enrich his
Heir by with the profit of his [crimes [a]transgressions] iniquities.
[a] By the wrongful taking and witholding of any kind of
[+] or by the wrongful
goodsmoveables. while if it had beenby only witholding money due
the Heir must have refunded. [By selling a prisoner
By By the wrongful using
of any kind of moveables
or immoveables
for debt his liberty] By the spoil done towaste committed on immoveables
in which he has only a temporary interest:
[b] By selling a prisoner for debt his liberty:
By embezzling property entrusted to him by Will:
thoughwhile if he [+] had intruded himself into the management
[+] had I not broken any
confidence, but
of the dead man's property without warrant, the Heir
must have refunded: in short by any kind of injurious
proceeding where the remedycompensation instead of being
left to the discretion of a Jury is thought fit to be
increased and liquidated by a positive regulation. positive Law.]

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[a] In All these points I depend upon the authority of Compis
Digest I. 262, 263.

[b] A person whom I know having the immediate reversion
of two estates one in houses the other land, in the presentan estate part in houses part in land, rented the land of
[+] the a person who had
the life interest in
possession of an owner a lease of rented the land of [+] the particular
tenant. The particular Tenantlife-owner letting the houses go to
ruin, the reversioner to indemnify himself stopt the rent
of the land. The particular tenantlife-owner died without repairing
the houses as he was bound: the consequence was, that the reversioner

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