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Click Here To Edit Punishment in alienam personam. Trabalitions
its impropriety
2 Children &c.


the most absurd and useless and cruel and odious mode
of punishment that can be devised is the only one which
he who can forgive all others, can never pardon.
When there has been occasion as there too often has
been, the home of the whole Legislation has been wasted
in discussing & abolishing in this so many and that individual instance instances
what they never aught to have endured in any one.

These are all the properties in repect of which
this mode of punishment is ddistinguishable from the
regular & proper one. As it differs only with the
respect to the person who is made the object of it
it is evident that it may run through all the other
modes and be partake of subject to the respective advantages
and disadvantages. It is in truth any mode
of punishment whatsoever with only this circumstance
belonging to it, that is inflictd not on the delinquent
but on those connected with who are supposed likely
to be dear to him.

From what has been said we shall know pretty well
what to think of random punishment; where a Random Punishment
1. is using forfeiture
to the promise of
an alience.

third person is made to suffer without any probability
that his suffering more than that of another person
should influence the delinquent.

The following are the instances in which this
mode of punishment still continues to disgrace our Law
1st that of Forfeiture. 2d that of Deodands.

We must come back once more to Forfeiture: for that
copious source of mischief is not yet exhausted.

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