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Random Punishmt
1. Forfeiture to the
prejudice of an
When a man means are Foreiture of lands inafter who has a freehold interest in any
lands which he had a freehold interest committing commits an offence
part of the punishment for which is the forfeiture of what freehold any such interest he
may have in lands is part of the punishment, and
then sells or mortgages or in any other manner
disposes of it, that interest and is afterwards those in whose attainted for the offence,
4. Comms 375, 379.3
Inst. 211.
The Law takes it back from those in whose favour
it was disposed of, whither without deigning to enquire
whether they knew any thing of his having committed
it. I committan indiviidual commits a secret murder. I sell youyou an
estate. Twenty years after discover'd prosecuted,
attainted. The King that is or somebody who assumes
his name seizes the estate. If you have devised it
charged it sold it, or if it besides yours it has passed through 50
different other hands it makes no difference. If it was
your wife I hadwho had been murder'd, it would make no difference.
You would lose your wife by the crime
and your fortune by the punishment. My selling
you the estate was the best thing that could happen
for this licensed plunderer. From you he gets
the estate, from me he gets the money.

It might be supposed that the Law looked upon
itself as driven to this expedient by the apprehension
of fraudulent conveyances: but this is not the case.
In the case of moveable & other personal property it recognizes the
practicability of distinguishing fraudulent conveyances from
fair. It establishes the latter: it vacates only the
latterformer. Yet nothing can be more it is obvious than that thefraudulent

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