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Random punishment
2. Forfeiture in case
of Deodand
Punishment in alienam personam.

for punishment would be the same.

The combination of circumstances is not in every instance
so calamitous as in that which I have supposed:
but that instance is as probable in one
as any other.

If it were a ship instead of a Waggon it had been a
ship that was moving to your son's death, it would make
no difference: though the ship were laden with the
treasure of the Indies at would make no difference. The
ship and it's lading would be the King's.

The source from whence this provision institution flow'd is pretty generally
known: but it is not perhaps so generally observed
that the peo institution is not a just consequence
even from the ideas then received. It was established, it is
not easy to say how early, but however in the days of Catholicism.
In those days, as soon as a man's soul had
left it's body, it used to go to a place called Purgatory
for there to be broiled for 20,000 years. Now in this
life some souls love music, others not. But in that past
life which was then to come, all souls were fond of it
alike. Luther himself who ought to know is positive
See Sr J. Hawkins',
Hist. of Music
of it +. Not that all music was to their tastes. It was
only a particular kind of music, such as priests only
knew how to sing. But it was not reasonable that
priests should sing unless they were paid for it: for the
labourer is worthy of his hire. Now when a man died
thus suddenly, it was not probable that he should have
made any provision by his will to pay the priests for for paying them.
singing. Therefore it was necessary that somebody elseshould

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