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Punishment in alienam personam Ins.
False testimony not
mischievous unless
it misleads

the account he gives of the matter would rather mislead
those who are to judge than set them right.
I say mislead the judges: I do not say be
a false one: for whether it be true or not, is what
to the purposes of justice is a matter of indifference.
The point is for them to [be enabled to] form such
a notion of the fact in dispute as shall prove a true
one: by what means they come at it is no matter.
He would committ Perjury indeed: but that is
quite another evil: and an evil for which there is
another and more proper remedy than that of
prematurely repelling for his evidence. His want of veracity therefore
is no objection to him unless he possesses such a has the to the faculty
of maintaining th the last such a degree of plaus consistency
and plausibility as shall enable him to
conceal it.

As to [want] of the point of veracity it should be consider'd
that the greatest liar in the universe scarcely Answer
Truth more common
among the worst men
than Falshood.

swerves from truth ( I mean what to him seems
truth) in one instance out of a hundred. The natural
bent of all mankind is to speak truth:
it requires the force of some particular interest real or imaginary to divert the a man from it.overbalance that propensity. Some men
it is true will are made to deviate from it by very
slender motives: but nobody tells a lie absolutely without
a motive.

Now then, do but suppose him absolutely without any interest No man Speaks false
without an interest.

to give a false account, and the most abandoned
criminal that ever was upon earth might be trusted
to as safly as the man of the most consummate virtue
Where then lies the difference? In this: that the

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