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Punishment in alienam personam

the arched profligate man may easily be made to
have fancy he has such an interest in telling falshood as shall preponderate
over the interest he fancies he has in speaking
truth; the easier the more profligate he is: the
man of virtue not without difficulty the more
difficultly, the [man former he is he is confirmed] in virtue.
How a motive to speak truth in cases where
Especially when he
has a Prono interest
given to him to speak
he is called upon by Law to give his testimony
is what every man has and unless he be an idiot
insane must conceive himself to have: he has it
from the political sanction in the penalties which the
Law denounces against falshood in such cases: he
has it from the a steady motive moral sanction, in the infamy
annext by men in general to such a conduct: he
has it from the religious sanction, unless he be an
atheist, and except where in as far as dispensations and or absolutions
may intervene to take it off.

The motive interest which a man may have to on the other
TheInterest a man may
have in speaking deposing falsely
is neither natural
or factitious
hand to speak falshood in such a case may be distinguished into
a natural interest, and an artificial one. What I
mean by a natural interest need not be explained,
I call itthat an artificial interest which be may derive
derive in the way of a reward by the express
act of him who has some natural one interest. If
you are at Law for an estate you may have a natural
interest in my telling any story true or false
that may serve to establish your title: I if you
give me money a reward for telling such a story I have an
artificial one: which is raised up in me and by

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