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Class I

Sinecures the emolument of which is fixed: and
of which the mischievousness as compared with pensions is accordingly confined
to the perpetuation of waste of public money and falshood
on the part of public men.

No Page Official title of the Name of Sinecurist Emolumentannual


Division I Exchequer Sinecures £
1 279 Auditor Lord Grenville 4,000
2 279 Teller Coachmen Earl of Bathurst Marquis of 2,700
3 279 Teller Teller emolument thus reduced. Hon. W.F.E. Eden 2,700
4 279 Clerk of the Pells.
Hon. H. Addington 3,000
Division II. Excise Sinecures
5. 279 Comptroller General of Accommoda
of Accounts. By Edw. Westward Jun.r 700
"Reporting with occasional
"The Deputy has £508
"as a separate salary
6 279 Auditor "for life." Page P. Stonehower Esq. 536
7 279 Inspector General} Newton Barton 500
of Ireland Duties}
8 279 Register to Commissioners}
Thomas Ryder 554
"life }
Division III. Reg. Officer Sinecures.
9 279 Deputy Paymaster } Hon. Aug. Phipps 547
at Gibraltar }
10 279 Deputy Paymaster Nath. Brunton 547
at New Brunswick
11 279 Division IV. Post Office Sinecures
11 279 Accountant General John Spencer 700
Division V. Privy Seal Office Sinecures
12 279 Principal Clerk General Richd. Grenville 358
13 279 Principal Clerk Jacob Siguardson 358
14 279 Principal Clerk James Macdonald 358
15 279 Principal Clerk J.H. Carlos 358
"By patent for life from the Lord
"Privy Seal. The emoluments arise
"from fees paid by the parties interested
H Prep
Division V. Stamp Office Sinecures ( )
27980. Receiver Joseph Smith 800
27980. Comptroller Patrick Brydon 400
Division VI. Signet Office Sinecures ( )
27980. Clerk of the Signet James Rivers 369
Clerk of the Signet William Bentinck 369
Clerk of the Signet Brook Taylor 364
Clerk of the Signet John Gage 364
All by letters patent, for life. The emoluments
arise almost entirely from fees paid
by individuals

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Class II

Sinecures of the emolument of which the quantum depends
is put upon varied by a part upon contingencies: but in such sort
that for any thing that appears the amount it is
not liable to be increased or protected against decrease
by any influence or the part of the Sinecurist,
by which, in proportion as it is operates successful
any public calamity will at the same time
or any other proportion by increased or protected
against decrease.

To the mischievousness attached to those of Class I
is added in the case of the Sinecures of this class that
of the uncertainty and consequent excess or deficiency
in comparison with a pension, in relation
to any really useful purpose.

No Page Sinecurists Official Sinecurists Name

Title Division I Land Revenue Sinecure:

1 279 Auditor of Land Revenue} Sir W.m Henry Cooper} £
for England } and Fr. Grey Cooper } 3,321

2 279 Auditor of Land Revenue}
for Wales } Thomas Johnes 1,505

Division Mint Sinecures

3 279 Master and Worker Earl Bathurst 3,010

4 279 Warden Sir Walter James Bar. 464

5 279 Comptroller John Tokyle 312

6 279 Surveyor of Milling} Right Hon. Spencer
and Clerk of the Irons } Perceval

"The establishment of the Mint is paid
"since 1787, out of the Conserted and Fund."

Division III Stamp Office Sinecures.

7 280 Distributor of Stamps
for Buckinghamshire ( ) T.S. Badcock 414

8 280 Distributor Stamps}
for Kent W.S. Coust } T.S.Badcock( ) 1,342

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