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Superannuation are grounded in their support
This increases the expense in that none of the is special

The high perfect a degree so was fit at any given
time, every man is hath to become have in any degree
unfit at any subsequent succeeding point of time: unfit in
respect of his the moral part moral qualities; unfit in his respect
of his the intellectual part of his power qualities: unfit by his own default,
unfit without his own default: unfit by
carnal infirmity, unfit by the mere operation of old the decay attendant in

What is necessary to the due executor of the duties
attached to any office is – not that the man individual should
have been fit for it in business at a time past when he was there was
not in it, no such business for him to do but that he should be so fit at the very
time in question, when at the time at when it is at the very times when the business
is to be done. Whe it is the Of every individual
that can be proposed, whether he be fit or not the fittest
for the business that can be found, whether he be fit or not fit, and of
fit, what degree and comparatives he is so
this is the point of which the patron in question is
the fittest is at any rub a fit judge. Agreed Be it so:
but for from this re very reason it follows that whensoever
a vacancy takes place, there may be some
person individual who will on whose person and not in
his, that exclusive fitness every1 stand vested. On
the part of the patron, individuals being out of the question
and unknown, the claim to the individual of fitness rests
solely in the situation. At the time of the vacancy he
the subordinate offer offer to be conferred the so it may be that the patron proposed
the in question the patron on whose behalf the right of conferring
the offer in reversion contended foris no more that being in existence the existence having ceased
his know of judges forming a correct judgment on the fitness of a the proposed nominee has

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