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23 March 1810
Sinecures &c

In virtue of the the rising of the pocket emolument he would suffer if the
effect of the improvement were to make produce any diminution
in the emolument. In pocket or in power or in both
he will be again a sufferer if among in so far as its effects
it happen to it to number any diminution in the
value of the patronage: in the number of offices under his direction
or in his gift, in the quantity of money or power
or case is reputation attached to each.

In lieu of all others let the case presented by the
two words Post Office and Palmer serve here for example.
Think of the wounds which in the course of the service rendered
by that man to his country an ungratified public he inflicted on so many
grand characters on so many body parts the tender persons above designated.

Think how by heaping up provocation upon provocation
they succeeded at last in extracting out of his passion an
instrument and cloak for their own treachery perfidy and injustice.
Think how they defrauded succeeded in robbing him of his due in pretence of
his meditating having meditated in a moment of agony meditated a momentary
obstruction and one that designed in the result to be serve as an
instrument of good they whose coolest moments had
for so many years must been occupied in supposing to the improved
business of that same office every obstruction they
could develop.

Think of the vengeance the well earnt vengeance, which in the first of these all
great character to whom improvement is with such
good reason odious, pursued have the man whom the by in whose hand
practicability of efficient improvement had been demonstrated
by so conspicuous and in contestable a precedent.

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