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Ready for review. Submitted by Keithompson

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To the sovereign upon the throne — to the sovereign at
all times — to the sovereign for the time being — than the
power of granting these benefices is — no matter for
what purpose — necessary. Is it so? then what
can you have have you to say for yourselves, you by whom
the reigning sovereign in his future and latter days — you by whom has
immediate successor — you by whom his successors
in an indefinite number and for an indefinitely period have been stripped of these
necessary instruments of government? upon the demise of of your present master Does government
cease to be worth maintaining? does society cease
to be worth keeping together? does the welfare of the
community cease to be an object entitled to regard?
It would be some excuse if the mischief and iniquity
of the practice were confused to mere anticipation —
of wha that of which you have deprived deprive your successors
the benefit were reaped without diminution rep reaped
by yourselves. But no:— when the injury done to fuity property
is at its parcel pitch — when the life named
in the reversion grant of the in no more to the incumbent
actually in possession no more than one successive line
been provided is it to be provided — were then for every pound you be given one for gain
to yourselves you deprive posterity of six. if no
them six: like the foolish boy in the fable
you rip open at one strike the hen that lays these
golden eggs.

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