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§ Quere if to be inserted here rather where

Dire necessity compacted the insertion of this alternative.
for which of the two branches is the conformable to the truth is
a question of the in the solution of which insolubility of which upon the fame of whatsoever
information hath as yet been brought to light the reform whose curiosity of imagination
there be whose curiosity
and patience is able
Finance Committee 1797-8
27 Rep. p.252
to carry him through
this note will have to
edge exercise himself
his faculties
to try prove his shall in

The state of the grant made in favour of Lord
Arden is accordingif credit may be given to the Report of the Finance Committee
of 1787-8 the 30th of July 1764: his Lordships
age being at that time not more more years old than
That the grant under which he took was a joint-life
grant, the life of his said Honourable Brother
being included in it is stated or rather inferred
in the way of conjecture upon the authority of the Finance Committee of 1807-8
3d Report Appendix in 288.

That at some time or other in favour of Mr
Spencer Percival a grant was made in virtue of
which on the death decease of his noble Brother he will if
then alive — entitled to enter into the possession of this
group of sinecures is out of all doubt. But
whether in virtue of the same grant or in virtue
of a different one is a point which after the communications
made by both these Committee members
still in darkness.

In the Report of 1797-8 is contained a Return
made to the Committee by Lord Arden: and in that
Return as members as made of any interest as
possessed by Mr Spencer Percival. On the contrary
from that none mention what seems probable a probable enough informer seems to be
not into
that in
that grant Mr Percival's name was not included
but there seems even some seems not altogether wanting reason for supposing that
as yet at that time the interest which he now possesses was not
possessed by him.

"That the said Charles George Lord Arden . . . .(any, the
known is the Principal Registrar . . . . constituted and and during the time of
the natural life of him
the said Charles George
Lord Arden and that he
succeeded thereto in the 9th
of August 1790 end executor
the same by Deputy

appointed thereunto thereto by Letters Patent from his Majesty,
bearing date the 30 June 1764, to hold the same from
the death of Godfrey Lee Farrant Esquire th their Registrar, for and

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