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In this recommendation therefore, with the three eyes
that were have been seen contained in it, we have the
solution. practical inferenceapplication keep up sinecures and for these
three good purposes, not to speak of others.

Oh fie upon it now can you say so? when
you yourself can not but see, the Proof First of these
Committees have discovered cases in which Sinecures
are not so proper as pensions in pensions and plans in which
they are not so proper as improper altogether: and 22 Rep. p.19
when the Second Committee whose "view of the subject
"correspond in principle and differs only in degree from that
of the former ... "submitt" in express forms that ...
"it may be expedient considerably to reduce the imoluments
"of some, and to abolish others.

True: viz if there be any to spare. time taken on condition
which though not directly expressed (for there was
no need of it) standsis implied implied in the way nature of the
case. So far from their being any to spare
after the uses work that have been found for them there is
as we have been seeing some a most deplorable deficiency of
useful articles 1 so that admitting the uses, the consequence
will be that it is highly in numbersin numbers is in " the House in
"its wisdom" and in consideration of that reason of
"state" . . . . in which has place" in every country" not only
to think fit to retain these", but to set all wisdom a
work or at the least to have the wisdom of his Majority,
advisors as at liberty to at itself a work to manufacture
with all expedition as large a stock of
those useful articles as to stock of materials actually
hand or capable of being imported will admitt of

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