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For sake object of those who contend for Sinecures in that
this may be so matter in my throw away money
that in no hope of salary or pension men enable
afraid or ashamed so to bestow.

InOn the present occasioninstance, the question (be it let it be observed)
is — not whether on such or such an occasion public money shall be bestowed
( This is question altogether distinct and which
hereafter perhaps came under review) but nor yet whether whether
sinecures might not be properly bestowed if there were no other mode of — but whether than being three modes in existent use viz for these
purposes viz. sinecure
salary and pension
in which of those three
forms it were but it

in which form it shall be
should be bestowed: in the form of a sinecure in
one hand or in the form either of salary or pension
on the other.

For In answer to this question I add to ad
To this question an to answer is returnedgiven<add>made</add> in propositions

1. That no one of all the cases in which money
may be applied for the obtainment or in remuneration of public crown there
is not an in which the form of such
as that of pension is not manifestly and indisputably
preferable to that of sinecure: or to go further, in
which, supposing salary or pension as the case may beaccording to the nature
of the case fit, sinecure will not either absolute
or at least comparatively be in an unusual degree
unfit, unfit being rendered so by shape ption modes and the degree and
mode of uncertainty which are attached to it.

2. That over independently of and above this radical unfitness
for which reference to every good purpose with a view to
which it ever or ever can be proposed the
use of it is rendered in a high degree by a multitude of distinguishable mischiefs from six or seven to eight or
about eight to about ten ten in number as will be seen according to the
magnitude of the sinecure emolument and the nature of
the source from whence it flows.

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