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25 Feb. 1810

Such being the In this state of things Under these circumstances, or looking over the articles
which in the present list list here given have been ranked under Class
II, many and perhaps even most would to by an experienced
eye been seen to belong to Class III.

But to the propriety and practical utility
of the principle of classification thus adopted, the uncertainty
were shewn of brought to view will not be found to afford any
real objection. To every purpose of practice, the important
object is the principle: and for the illustration
of the principle the characters articles adduced as instance
will serve equally well whether the matter of
fact assumed by the placing them respectively in the
classes in which they are respectively placed be true or

Connected with the principle is the practical rule
or lesson – If it be possible to avoid the nature of the
case admitts of its being avoided, attach not in the instance be the office what it may
of any office whatsoever mass of pecuniary emolument,
or if advantage of any other shape it may be
thought fit to attach to the office, attach it not let it not be attached
any part of it to the office in any
such manner as that it shall tend to place set
the private personal interest of the officer or of the patron of the office,
in opposition to his public duty.

And if war be really an evil, then so it is that saving and excepting
those offices, such as military offices, of which from the nature
of the case it is either impossible or plainly ineligible that the emolument
should not be greater in war than peace, what seems
equally undeniable is that there of those offices in the instance of
which either the incumbent or the patron is in a situation to
exercise any considerable
influence, there
is not one in the
instance of which the
emolument ought in time of
war ought to be greater
than in time of peace.

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